Sewing denim wallets again

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on any sewing projects. Back in the day I managed to pay rent by selling handmade denim wallets. I was a tailor for a local denim shop at the time and would save the larger scraps to turn into wallets.

These wallets are super thin always get better with age. I posted a few on my shop.

“took her frustration out on my TV” wallpaper

I saw this post on Reddit and decided to convert the cracked LCD screen image into a mobile wallpaper. As I am oft to do.

Click to download the image

And here is how it looks after it’s on your phone

Romulan Date Night.

Making SPAM Musubi

I learned a lot of things at ORDcamp this year in Chicago, but I wasn’t able to attend the “How To Make SPAM Musubi” workshop. After hearing from so many people about how easy it was, I decided to learn. I’ve gone through two cans of SPAM since then.

Here is the video that taught me how it’s done.

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