Quarantined Beats (WITHOUT Voices) is out now

I just released a new album of instrumentals on docpop.bandcamp.com

It’s free, so go download it now!

I originally wrote and released “Quarantined Beats (And Inside Voices)” in May of 2020 with the help of some friends and instrumentalists from all over the world. I sing and rap on a bunch of songs, but most tracks feature lyrics and vocals by other artists. I love how it all turned out, but was particularly proud of the beats. It’s been two years since the original release, so I thought it would be fun to release the instrumentals by themselves. I hope you enjoy!

Hand-painted wooden yo-yos that look like donuts

Happy #NationalDonutDay!

These donut shaped yo-yos were given away at a Dunkin’ Donuts grand opening back in 1948. They are fixed axle with large holes that run through the middle. I asked my friend John Higby to paint on the sprinkles and cream. To be honest, they used to look more like bagels than donuts.

paper cut out procreate

Creating paper cut-out style art in Procreate

I love making art on my iPad, but I often miss that raw, hand-made aesthetic I used to get before I started making digital art. Lately I’ve been experimenting with creating paper cut-out style art in Procreate, and I’m digging the results. Here’s an example:

And here’s another cut-out style piece I created inspired by a prompt on Twitter:

To create this look in Procreate, I start with a simple sketch, then use layer masks to turn a shape on a layer into something that looks like a piece of apper. I learned about this technique in this short video:

A fun responsive counterweight combo

I went on a long hike with some friends recently and found this trick as I was walking around. I was carrying something in my left hand, so I kept trying to find one-handed yo-yo tricks I could do with my right hand. I ended up finding a nice back-of-the-hand stall that also worked well with a responsive/counterweight set up.

Here’s a look at just the stall

These types of back of the hand stalls aren’t knew, I just like the aerial toss into a stall. You can see another version a counterweight back of the hand stall in this old video of mine too (around three minutes in).