Support Local Food and Beverage Workers

I’ve been selling COVID-19 themed t-shirts to help raise money for effected food and beverage workers in my neighborhood, the Mission District SF, so I decided to keep a running list of Mission District fundraiser that go directly to the workers. I’ll try to keep this list updated, as I’m sure there are many more workers out there that could use the support.

If you are looking for a way to help f&b workers all over the US, you can donate to The Restaurant Workers Community Fund.

Support Mission workers:

Support local businesses

The shirts

As I mentioned before, I’m also selling these COVID-19/mental health inspired t-shirts and donating all of the proceeds to local food and beverage workers. You can see the full line here.

Some bright spots in the Mission

Tomorrow begins our third week of shelter-in-place here in San Francisco, but I wanted to share a few nice things I’ve seen in the neighborhood lately.

A flyer on 23rd and Valencia. #inplacetogether
Since everyone is panic-baking, there has been a huge rush on active yeast. All of the stores have sold out, so our local grocery store decided to split up the last few bottles and give them away in small containers.
Offers of help.
Showing appreciation.

Metal Health Tips

I have an artist on Fiverr that I love working with, so I hired him to turn some of the coronavirus health tips in heavy metal logos. Here they are:

cover your mouth when you cough
Some of these designs are available as shirts via
All proceeds go to local bar and restaurant workers.
don’t touch your face
wash your hands frequently
maintain social distancing

Feel free to print these up and spread them around, but please do not sell them.

Creative Commons License
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An Animation With Looom

I recently downloaded an iPad app called Looom which is a fun tool for creating hand-drawn animation. The first thing I whipped up is a yo-yoing animation. It took about 90 minutes concoct and I love the result.

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