Panoramic Double Exposures From Around The Mission District and Mission Cliffs

I’ve shared some of my panoramic double exposure film experiments here before, but I just wanted to share another batch from around my neighborhood, The Mission District in SF, and from Mission Cliffs Gym.

In case you are wondering, these WIDE shots were all captured on film, with no digital composing. I’d take a shot on my LC-Wide camera, advance the frame half as much as usual, then take another shot. The resulting shots create surreal landscapes that blend into each other and take up about 6 to 14 inches of 35mm film. You can see more analog photos in this style on my Flickr page.

Panoramic collages

Mission Panorama Double Exposure

Panoramic collages

Panoramic collages

Panoramic collages

Panoramic collages


Cocktails Robotic Grand Challenge

We just got back from the Cocktails Robotic Grand Challenge at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The dancehall was filled with eight bartending bots and a couple hundred thirsty humans. There were some classic barbots on hand, like Schrodinger’s Martini, which servers a martini that is both wet & dry until you finally collapse the waveform, but our favorite new bot was Kamikaze Blaster, which uses face-detection software to deliver shots of whiskey sour directly to your facehole. No cup required.


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Another packed weekend in San Francisco

I haven’t gotten much work done on personal projects lately, but Christine and I had another packed weekend in San Francisco that I thought was worth sharing. (for anyone reading this via RSS, you might be missing the embedded videos)

Church of 8 Wheels:

We rolled into the weekend with a night of skating at the Church Of 8 Wheels on Fillmore St. We’ve been to several of their other skate nights at CellSpace and the Women’s Building, but this was our first time at this newer location. It’s the perfect place to skate. Great floors, surprisingly big, and deliciously sacrilegious. Sacrilicious?