A fun responsive counterweight combo

I went on a long hike with some friends recently and found this trick as I was walking around. I was carrying something in my left hand, so I kept trying to find one-handed yo-yo tricks I could do with my right hand. I ended up finding a nice back-of-the-hand stall that also worked well with a responsive/counterweight set up.

Here’s a look at just the stall

These types of back of the hand stalls aren’t knew, I just like the aerial toss into a stall. You can see another version a counterweight back of the hand stall in this old video of mine too (around three minutes in).

Performing Dr. Strange while listening to “People Are Strange” and using a Dr. Strange filter

Dr. Strange is an older trick of mine that I thought I should start doing again since there’s a whole Dr. Strange movie happening now.

I’m in the National Yo-Yo Hall of Fame!

Something cool happened recently, I was inducted into the National Yo-Yo Hall of Fame. I even got a cool plaque!

They also made this short video about me:

Here’s the longer video with all of the 2021 National Yo-Yo Hall Of Fame inductees:

Hattori review

This is one of the more dangerous yo-yos in my collection


This thing looks dangerous. #yoyo

? original sound – Doc Pop