“Sorry To Bother You” Fan Art

We saw Sorry To Bother You, the new film by Boots Riley, at the Alamo last night and loved it! It’s really original, but fans of Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam will probably enjoy love it this too.

I enjoyed the film so much that I made some quick fan art using my new iPad Pro. I’m new to the world of digital art, but I’m really digging it.



Mission Mini-Parklet Video

I recently posted about the Mission Mini-Parklet on Mission and 19th St. Since then, I’ve had a chance to chat with the parklet’s creator to learn more about it for this short video.


My Dorkbot SF talk about “God Hates Dinosaurs”

Here’s a recent talk I gave about my God Hates Dinosaurs project. This was at Dorkbot #99 at The DNA Lounge in San Francisco. I hope you like it.

Doc Pop – God Hates Dinosaurs, Dorkbot-SF at DNA Lounge, 2018-03-28 from pronoiac on Vimeo.


Avala TV Tower in Belgrade, Serbia

Christine and I are traveling through Serbia and Croatia on a two week vacation. It’s really amazing here and I hope to write up a longer description of our experiences, but I only have time for just one of the rad things we saw.

This is the Avala TV Tower, the tallest structure in the Balkans. The original was built in the 60s, but destroyed during NATO bombings in the 90s. The tower has since been rebuilt and is only a 20 minute drive from Belgrade, so I suggest doing it if you are ever in town.