Black metal inspired BLM logos

I wanted to add some Black Lives Matter shirts to my wardrobe, but wanted to have them match my current style, so I commissioned some artists on Fiverr to create black metal inspired BLM logos. I thought they turned out nice and wanted to share them for anyone else to use as printed fliers, temporary tattoos, or anything else you think would look awesome.

I wont be selling these in any form, but I encourage you to use them however you like and help spread the word. I’ve been wearing these as temporary tattoos via Inkbox.

The dubstepped sounds of a broken printer

In honor of Bandcamp Friday, I’ve just uploaded a brand new song called “Printer Not Printing“. This is an instrumental track built with the sounds of a broken printer. All the wubs, dubs, and airhorns are coming from within the plastic shell of an old Epson printer.

The accompanying music video features some wild lofi puppetry.

Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share today, July 3, so be sure to support your favorite artists. You can discover new artists by using the #bandcampfriday tag on Twitter.

Guitar Riffs On Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices)

Still digging how well my newest album turned out. Though most of the songs are all electronic, I was surprised to find myself coming back to the guitar. Here are some of my favorite guitar tracks from Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices).

and a bit on these choruses

My New Guitar: J Mascis Jazzmaster

I’m so excited about my new electric guitar.

I’ve been writing a ton of guitar riffs lately, like these few I did on my most recent album: