Pro-Vaccine Apparel

Lately I’ve noticed a few of my followers on Instagram expressing a hesitancy to get vaccinated. I believe the fastest way for this pandemic to end is for as many folks as possible to get vaccinated, so I designed a few pro-vaccine shirts that people can wear to proudly show they have done their part to end the vaccine.

Mostly though, I designed these shirts as something I can wear while filming my yo-yo videos. My hope is that I can undo some of the false information that is being spread and help normalize getting your shot. My proceeds for each sale are being donated to UNICEF.

So Fresh and Vaccined
Vaccinated AF
So Fresh & Vaccined

Savory Potato Waffles

Christine bought a wonderful waffle maker and we’ve been loving it. My favorite recipe so far has been doing shredded potato waffles. I’m using this recipe with a few changes. The biggest change is I’m using frozen shredded potatoes because it saves so much time.

Bear Eats A Rabbit Test part II

A few months back I watched a great video called “I Want My Son Back” about whether or not Artificial Intelligence could understand the plat of “I Want My Hat Back”. I was so inspired by the video that I wrote a quick version of “I Want My Hat Back” in AI Dungeon to see what the AI would come up with.

Part two of the video series about about AI is out and my little AI Dungeon experiment got mentioned in it.

Another 3D printed mini-parklet on Mission Street

Just got back from a bike ride in the Mission and we spotted this wonderful 3D printed garden on a lamp post in front of Mission Comics. The art was created by Mission Mini-Parklet, who I had talked about previously on this blog.

Also in that video is glimpse of Jeremy Fish’s rad new mural on Wes Burger.

And here is my interview with Zach from Mission Mini-Parklet