A Major In Consciousness

Monday, February 06, 2006

I once dated a girl who was a had a major in Consciousness. I guess this was a unique major that N.Y.U. allowed her to create, it was a blend of psychology and neuroscience. Basically blending chemistry and biology along with Freudian psychological reasoning.
She had one of the most unusual quirks in bed, it was definitely one of my favorite sexual perversions. During the moment of male orgasm, she would stair into my eyes eye watch my pupils dilate. I guess post-ejaculation a man’s pupils constrict due to excess adrenaline (epinephrine). So she would tightly hold my head in her hands, using her thumbs to keep my eyelids open.
It was actually sort of romantic, I mean it sounds so technical, but in the end we were just staring into each others eyes. Although actually I guess I was staring into her eyes, and she was staring AT my eyes.
I wonder if chiropractors or urologists have similar sexual obsessions.
What would dental practitioners do?
Would a cardiologist use stethoscope to listen to a heartbeat skip in the throws of passion? I can imagine dating a hot cardiologist with a special studded leather stethoscope that she keeps under her matress.
disclaimer to all of my smarter friends (which is most everybody); please feel free to correct any technical stuff I might have fouled up here, OR please feel free to share any dirty stories involving an otoscope and some twinkies!






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