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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dig this, tonight I went to one of those parties… you know, the kind you see on the teevee.
It was after the show was done, my friend P.N. was having an absinth party at his theater. I had heard about the sex parties that happen at this joint, but had only ever been there to see my buddies show.

To get to the point, I just wanted some absinth, anything else was just decorations.
That being said, PN met me at the front of the theater and took me to the back office to drop off my bag and props. In the corner there was a man and a woman doing some heavy petting, as I dropped my bag on P’s desk, the girl dropped to her knees and ripped the guys pants open and began sucking him off.

This is the first time that I can recall ever seeing something like this. My small town ass was shocked, embarrased, and quite uh.. excited.

I of course coward like a dog, “there’s no copulation here, it’s just an ILLUSION”. You know, Mr. Casual, right? But P just walked up to the couple then leaned in for a closer look. “Be sure to try the Taboo” he whispered into the girls ear.

We then wen’t to the bar so I could get my Absinth on, word. I tried a bit of everything. Some it tasted like liqourice, some tasted like Lysol, but it was all dandy. Unforturnately they were out of Taboo, which is what I came to try, so I had a glass of Sebor (a czech absinth) that was pretty good, considering (ie, considering it was Czech).

There were the glasses, and the sugar, and the water (the traditional french method, not the Czech Burning Spoon Method). This stuff was great, very smooth, and well worth the $5 bucks (plus the extra 5 spot for the bartender).

So then I walked around P’s pad, it was all open, and I never knew just how large it was, room after room after.. oh my god, there’s two people having sex on the floor. Be cool.. Look at the art on the walls, sip your freakin’ absinth, but whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with anyone in the room.

I slipped out, and know I’m regretting not sitting back and watching, but to be honest I’m not sure of what exactly the etiquette is for this sort of thing. Uh, watch and be silent? Should I root them on? “Go team, go. Score!” Maybe it’s supposed to work like tag team, you know? Like I’d be on the side hoping the guy slaps my hand and I’m in. Either way, like I said, I ran into the next room where, uh, more sex. This time with black lights. Another room, some stairs, then I’m outside, sipping my absinth on the rooftop, the only person by themselves.

Like I said this wasn’t my typical scene, I probably stood out like a sore infested penis. I was just letting it all soak in, but these cats where all goth and shit. Here I am in my tee shirt, sweety from a long bike ride, already a bit tipsy from my show before. And honestly, I still don’t care for the scene at this party, but the experience, the experience was wonderful. If all of these people could have come together, tasted absinth and had sex without all the dress up, it would have been so much more shocking to me, but in a way it just felt like mall rats that had run amock without the constant prodding of mall security.

Next time, I’ll dress up, I got a nice suit, and it’s their scene, not mine. It’ll be fun, I love wearing suits. So other than P and the bartender, my shy ass didn’t talk to a soul all night. I did eventually watch a bit of sex acts, there was this girl, long blond hair, seducing this sqaure ass dude, she was on the stage and he was the only other person in the room until I came in. I figured, this isn’t a coat room, if they are going to fuck onstage, they’ve got to expect someone else to stop and watch. But actually, I think they were surprised that I came in and sat.. sipping my Sebor. They just putzed around for 10 minutes, as I sort of watched, sort of admired the fine lighting and stage set at the theater.

So I’m thinking final count was 6 sex acts, involving 13 people. That sounds right. Next time I go, I do not plan on going by myself, maybe my square ass will loosen up a bit, but tonight was all just a bit of a shock. Hey, the absinth was kickass, I’m-a order a bottle of that shit.
Uh, but don’t expect to see me in a corset with eye liner… Fuck that, I don’t care if it gets me laid, it wouldn’t be worth it if I was miserable.

God damn I love San Francisco.

Should be some interesting dreams tonight.






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