Don’t just do something.. Wednesday…

Don’t just do something..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yesterday I was at a stop light waiting for it to change when an older asian gentleman started crossing the street, his eyes fixed on the blinking crosswalk sign. He made it about a qaurter of the way across the street before it turned into a don’t walk symbol. Following the directions, he stopped.. right in the middle of the lane. As our light turned green, he stood there waiting for the crosswalk signal to tell him what to do.

It’s probably the sort of thing that everybody thinks would be funny to see actually happen, but has never witnessed themselves.

I was curious if the guy would stay there the whole time, just waiting for the light to tell him to start walking again, but the truck next to me was apparently not so curious. They honked, and the man awoke as if from a trance, turned around and walked back towards the sidewalk. I wonder if the sign starting blinking “Do the hokey pokey” what the dude would have done.






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