Fish and Rings

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Totally surreal. Band practice with MC Frontalot, this guy I’ve been listenin’ to for many many years. I know these songs by heart, hairs raise when Listen Close starts up. When I’m not using the mic, I pick up a pen and draw shit.
The practice space was in Oakland, at Cat5’s place, the studio was packed with ensoniq sampling keyboards, speak and spells (/reads/math), casio sk1s, casio sk5s, casio kermit keyboards, rhodes piano, whurlitzer, ARP Odyssey, novelty and sound effect records, and various classis drum machines.
I’m spitting verses with Front in a room filled with electronic toys, total nerdgasm.

Afterwards we all grabbed din din in Alameda. I couldn’t wait to get back across the puddle.

Blah blah, felt like shit last night, and I’m so surprised how nervous I am about tonight, but it’s been a real long time since I’ve done something musical on stage, and I’m still memorizing my verse. I think the show will get recorded somewhere. Doubt there will be video though.

Right now, all I’m thinking about is Fish and Rings… Fish… and rings…






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