Friday, March 24, 2006

I wait on the corner of 4th on Market on the mornings I don’t ride my bike to work. I don’t fully know all of the buses, but my destination is pretty simple, just a straight ride down 4th, and all the buses that go there have “Caltrain/Stockton” written on their marquee.
This morning, at around 8:00, the number 30 pulled up. I don’t think I had ever taken this bus, and it’s sign only said “Stockton”. I waited, but it never changed. That’s weird, I had never seen a Stockton bus that didn’t say Caltrain on it too. So I got at the end of the line, and when I boarded I said “Excuse me, does this bus go to Caltrain”.
The driver was overweight african american lady with shades on. She just sat there, so I said “Hi, I’m sorry I’m just wondering if this bus goes to Caltrain. I’m new to this route, and I don’t want to take the wrong bus.”
She just stared over my shoulder. The bus was stopped, she knew I was there, I was just asking a friendly question. I got in her line of vision, so she looked at slightly more to the right. I moved there… she moved her head back to the first position.
“It’s just that I think your sign is broken, the buses I’m looking for usually say Caltrain… But your sign seems to be frozen… I’m not being rude here… If I’m doing something can just tell me… I can handle it honestly.” I tried to bring the mood up, in case all she needed was just to smile before she could talk.
So I stepped down a step “this is neat, your not going to talk to me?”.
Another step “Neat.”
On the curb away from the door, I grabbed my sketchpad and copied the bus number down, 5586. “I need your name please, of course I’m going to have to call MUNI.”
The door shut, and as the bus pulled away.
It turns out that the #30 does go to Caltrain, the sign was frozen. I HATE HATE HATE MUNI. Thank god for BART.

Remember 415-673-MUNI for complaints.






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  1. Chenchen Avatar

    yeah I feel the same FUCK MUNI

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