Holy Shit, Bowling w/ XLR8R Magazin…

Holy Shit, Bowling w/ XLR8R Magazine

Monday, December 13, 2004

XLR8R Magazine (xlr8r.com) had a really kicking party last night and somehow my sqaure-ass made it on the list. So it was called the 6th Annual XLR8R Booty Bass Bowling. Fucking Lyrics Born was MCing along with DJ Shortkut (invsble skratch pklz) on the ones and twos. Oh shit. We were bowling against cats like Gold Chains and Gift of Gab and stuff. It was crazy, I was talking with this one dude with crazy facial hair last night.. When I met him, he had a skateboard and I’m thinking “who is this old cat that’s trying to skate?” right? So he was a nice dude and all, but this morning I’m at work and I see this same guy on a co-workers desktop, so I’m like “who is that?”. It was Tommy Guerrero, the 80’s skate legend. Bones Brigade!
So, yeah, it was a crazy scene. Around 2am everybody was just dancin’, the sound system was hot. It was all west coast booty bass, with L. B.’s smooth voice spewing things like “whoever owns a blue BMW, license plate 854 CAV, your lights are one” and “I don’t see enough asses shaking out on the bowling lanes”.
There was also a karoake bar. Oh man, some of the regulars were there, but then I saw a bunch of faces a recognised (the scene was mostly musicians and rappers). Gold Chains did something (Queen maybe?). Just weird.
We bowled last (we think), but might have gotten the award for most beer drank (drunk?). Shit that was crazy, but that’s the way we roll. Get it? Roll.
It’s my scene baby, and it freaks me out, yeah!






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