I am hip hop

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I made a coffee stop this morning, mostly because I needed change for the bus.

I stopped by starbucks and ordered a medium cappuccino.
Then I headed over to the Barista and wait. He called a couple of drinks and eventually called “Venti cap for (mumble mumble)”… He looked around a bit then repeated “Venti Cap For (mumble mumble)!”.
I stepped up and said, “My name is Doc, but the lady didn’t ask for my name, I think this might be my drink though”. He agreed, and I took off barely catching the bus.
Later I was staring at the cup and realized there was a name written on it, it’s what the Barista was saying that I couldn’t understand. The name on the cup was “Hip Hop”.
Hip Hop? WTFS?






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