I just wanted to post this song I did today. It’s …

I just wanted to post this song I did today. It’s wack. Very very wack, but what else would you expect from a hip hop song with mouth harp?

Doc’s verse

This song is part of a nerdcore all star team type thingy for the upcoming Nerdcore Hip Hop compilation coming out next month. I’m still working on my “new instrumental” thing. I had fun with the verse beat ’cause I pretty much never sample anyone, but I heard a lot of stolen samples in other folks songs so I thought I’d full this one with ’em. Can anyone recognize who the opening sample is?

Well, I was just gonna post that one song, but once my fingers start moving it’s impossible to stop. I am very excited about this upcoming compilation, I’ll have one all original new instrumental, plus my Scream Club remix, plus a verse in the posse (unless they don’t like that verse I posted), plus I made the beat to Beefy’s newest song “Tub of Tabasco“. I got to sneak another dope sample after the second verse, once again I challenge anyone to recognize who’s voice that is.

Alright, word to ya’ll. Nerdcore Represent.


ps, be sure to see Frontalot on tour if he’s in your hood.






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