Friday, November 18, 2005

I have a song called Twisting Cherry Stems.
I’ve never recorded it, but I’ve sang it live once with the Atomic Bros.
I actually sang it once in an intimate moment with a girl while using a vibrator for rhythm, I would place it against her rib cage for a bass rumble, actually did a pretty decent makeshift version of the song. Imagine a white Barry White with a vibrating Silver Bullet.
So today someone sent me this link for the iBuzz.

It’s basically a vibrator that plugs into an audio line out, so the music frequencies triggers vibrations. Here is the US version.
So, all I can think about is plugging a mike into this thing and singing this song to a girl while she’s holding the toy, feeling my words inside her…
To get geeky, I might even circuit bend the device, adding glitch switches and maybe tricking it out with an optical therimen… or a contact point.






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