Kung Fu Apple Sauce

I hung out at Karen’s pad yesterday. She lives across the puddle, so I don’t visit her too often, but we had been talking about watching Kung Fu Hustle together for a long time, so I was eager to make the trip.
I was also eager to make mixed drink concoctions with my fave sake and some Calpico Soda
= happy
So the movie was great, I’m so glad I own it because I plan on watching it over and over again. I got so much more out of it this time, including a lot of real quick subtle jokes that are in there.
After the movie, Karen pulled out her juicer and we mixed a juiced apple with nigori sake. It was fucking amazing and shall be called Kung Fu Apple Sauce from here on out.
I have a bunch of new pics from the show and new art. I’ll try to post it soon.
Oh yeah, real excited about seeing why? at Bottom of the Hill this weekend, and meeting Lisa Carver at Modern Tymes.






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