My remains Monday, April 03, 2006 …

My remains
Monday, April 03, 2006

Woke up this morning to the sound of some lady screaming “Motherfuckers!!! Aaargh! Are any coffee shops open in San Francisco!? … What about now?!”
It was 5 a.m.
I think daylight savings time might have thrown her for a loop. Either that, or the crack.
She kept screaming and I went back to sleep.

At 7:40 I bumped into her on the street. She screamed “God Damn it’s cold, MOTHERFUCKER!” at me.
I got to work and wanted to play a prank on someone here, so I wrote up a “fax” from Mirah Maines, the human resources director at Mountain View Funeral home. I added a cool letter head from Mountain View’s site, and addressed it to an employee that no longer works here.
“Dear Chris,
Hope you are well. We’d like to run a 1/4 page ad in your employment section for the next month. Can you please call me with your current rates? Thanks- Mirah”
I left it on the fax machine, knowing that Ari would probably pick up the sheet, go back to his desk and call on it. I’m glad I was around when he did…
“Hello, I’m looking for Mirah Maines…. Is this Mountain View Funeral Home? I’d like to talk to Mirah Maines in your human resources department. No? Maybe she’s in your marketing department… Are you sure? I received a fax from Mirah Maines at this morning… M – I – R – A – H… Yes that’s right, Mirah Maines, is she around? We’ll I have a message from Mirah Maines at Mountain View Funeral Home, looking for an employment ad. Maybe she’s new there? No? Okay, I’ll try back later today and see if she’s in, thanks.”
Victory is mine, motherfuckers.
Kid Koala was good. He played a dj set, lots of upbeat danceable stuff and hip hop turntablism, which isn’t exactly what somebody would go see Kid Koala for. But in-between tracks he would play some of his quirkier “musical turntable” stuff. He played some tracks from his next graphic novel (a book about a mosquito trying to learn to play the clarinet), and he played some stuff off of Dan the Automator’s next album (which has been shelved for now). Because I was press, I had access to the VIP area upstairs, and actually video taped 30 minutes of the show, might put it together for something if I get the time. The interview went well, of course he’s a real nice guy, no surprise there. Mike Relm opened, he was so socially awesome btw.

This weekend is APE, busy busy week ahead of me, including a birthday party at the Climate Theater on thursday. In May some of my friends from the Midwest are coming up to visit with me, yay! BAC, yay!






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