Nerd Wednesday, August 24, 2005 So I hung out wit…

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So I hung out with MC Frontalot yesterday, what a killer experience. He’s friendly and cool, and nerdy as all get out. We went to what we both consider the two worst comics shops in the US, they are located right next to each other and both owners have deep personal hatred towards each other, it’s really funny.
Then we got the most bitchin’est quesidillas. Going out in the mission is often times a pissing contest… It’s about knowing more of the obscure taquerias than your dinner/lunch date. Front took me to this place I had never been too, that was just one block shout of my house, on Mission (this busy street). I had never seen it before, and it was terrific, duh, how could I miss it. On the way there we passed this place called Quickly that’s part of a korean bubble tea chain. I’ve been wanting good bubble tea since I’ve been here, and it’s right freakin’ next to me.
Then I went to EA Games headqaurters for an interview. There were six of us, and it felt like Willie Wonka. Like each of us had our Golden Tickets, “We’re gonna see where the GAMES are made!”. The campus as I mentioned before, but I never noticed how gridlike and perfect it all is.. Actually as I was watching all the workers and families from above, I sort of felt like I was playing the Sims. “Oh look, there’s a game tester, lets make him work 20 hours extra this week, don’t wanna have any glitches… And there’s a game designer, let’s keep him happy. How about a date with Cynthia in payroll?”

Have you heard Front’s new track yet?






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