No Blogging in Line

The sign in the register line at Ritual Roasters is quintessentially San Franciscan.

Now that I have used this picture in a blog, that would mean that I am ostensibly breaking the rule, right? Despite what my intentions may have been at the time this picture was taken.

After I assured him I would not post this pic in a blog, the barista showed me a cool ass blog gang sign (based on the “blood” gang sign):

Which reminds me of the Wiki hand sign (I love that it takes two people to make it, and it also reflects some of the anger or imaturity you may see on a wiki from time to time):






One response to “No Blogging in Line

  1. james neely Avatar
    james neely

    yeah i just wanted to let you guys know why are you in a gang? i mean what’s the point in being in a gang? why take away your life to be in a gang for stupis ass shit?!!! it’s just not worth anything to me it’s a waste of time and getting killed and killing someone else is just not worth it. it’s not the kind of life you really want. if so give yourself so time to think about that sit down for a little while a just think about what you are doing. and when you’ve made up your mind on why you do really want to be a gang member come tell me why you want to do that. if so then go ahead i won’t stop you i just wanted to let you know hell maybe you have taken my advice maybe not but i hope you don’t get into a gang. i’m just sayin if you do i hope you know what your getting yourself into. iight i’m really tired now it’s 10:30 right now so i’m going to bed i’ll be getting up early tomorrow to go fishing yay!! alrighty then take it easy man

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