This is what the internet was built for… an entire site dedicate to shoelace tying. It’s sooo cool. Do not miss the detailed directions for “Ian’s Knot” aka the World’s Fastest Shoelace Knot. Can’t understand the video? Read the text. Can’t follow that, see the step by step illustrations (with or without fingers). No? Well try the flip book then.

Upon further study I have identified myself as guilty of accidentally tying “slip knots” while attempting to tie “reef knots”. The end result is a sideways bow that constantly comes undone. Fascinating.
Did you know footbag players have a popular lace pattern they use to make catching footbags easier on their shoes?

edit: This will go along great with my new shoes that I just recieved from Worn Again!

Two examples of “Zipper”

Two examples of “the ladder”

Loopback lacing.






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