Shots Fired

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So, what the fuckin’ shit? Huh, what the fuckin’ shit!?

Gang voilence is totally in full effect now on my block, I’m totally in the middle of some stupid shit. It’s just a bunch of high school kids shooting at each other. Can’t they just do that at the mall and leave my block alone?

I live on 24th and Capp, and there was just a drive about 40 feet from my front door from this ganked up white ford four door. They were shooting at some of the El Norteno gang, which I believe are crip affiliated, but I dunno fer sure how the gangs work around here.

Nobody was hit today, but dig this, I call my friend Kiya who is like 6 blocks away in a more gentrified part of the mission (22nd and Guerroro) and I told him about the shots and he was like “You mean the ones like 25 minutes ago, that I hear right down the street?” and I’m like “No the ones 4 minutes ago in front of my house”, so apparently there were three shots fired near his house 20 minutes before the four shots that were over here. That’s crazy!

And I heard gun fire yesterday too. I ask you, what the fuckin’ shit?

I’m so pissed right now, fuckin’ dumbass kids making this neighborhood a shithole. Like all this violence in the neighborhood is new to me, it’s been pretty nice for the four months I’ve lived here, but in the last month it’s all ghetto.

Good news is I’m moving into a new place, bad news is that it’s on 24th and folsom, two blocks away from here.

Hey, anyone going to see MC Chris at the Elbo Room on monday? Contact me if you are.






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