Stars Kill Rock Wednesday, April 06, 2005 It was …

Stars Kill Rock
Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It was on my 21st birthday that I bought my first yo-yo. At the time I was living in a small town an hour south of Nashville and decided that I was going to try to get signed to either K Records or Kill Rock Stars, both of these record labels are based out of Olympia Washington. So I caught a plane and headed northwest. When I arrived in seattle, I stopped by the space needle to satisfy my quest to see every World?s Fair location. I of course had to buy a souvenir, so I bought my first yo-yo? It was a dollar less than a snow dome.

Then I went to Olympia and talked to some folks at K and gave out a bunch of my demos. While I was there I saw three of the best shows of my life, and played with my yo-yo a lot.
Of course, I didn?t get signed, and actually it was a great realization for me to finally realize that I didn?t have what it takes to do music as a living. But all the influences of the Olympia rock scene have always continued to affect me. The DIY ethic that they had is what made me feel like I could just pick up a yo-yo and create. It was just like a guitar to me, and it became my new ?music?.

So, check it? Today at 3pm, I?ve got a meeting with Slim Moon, the founder of Kill Rock Stars, and one of my teenage heroes. His ?Would You Dance With This Man? is one of my all time favorite spoken word cd?s and my introduction to a whole new world of comedy timing and dark subtle humor.

The meeting is a job interview for a position at Kill Rock Stars and would require me to move to Olympia.
Here?s the thing, I don?t think I have a chance in hell of ever getting this job offered, and even if I did, I think I would turn it down.. I?m in love with San Francisco, and my performer career has really been doing well. I don?t wanna leave now, four months ago sure! But not now.
Anyway, it was a lifelong dream to move to Oly to work in the music business.. So I will at least consider it, and try my best at this interview, but like I said, I don?t expect to even get offered the job.

It is kind of neat though? I?ve got a song coming out on vinyl with a band out of Olympia, I?ve got a few other remixes coming along (one of which for another oly band) and then this job comes around.. It?s sort of like the completion of a cycle you know? I started with my goal being in Olympia doing something with music, I found this new thing that?s kept me feed and happy (and brought a certain level of obscure celebrity) and then everything comes back, music is happening and then this job? It?s weird. I kind of dread the idea of being offered the job right now.






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