The Return of Dr. Octagon

10 years ago Dr. Octagon (a.k.a. Kool Keith) released Dr. Octagonecologyst, one of the most influential hip hop albums of the 90’s.

3 years later, Dr. Octagon was killed by Dr. Dooom (a.k.a. Kool Keith). Keith swore off the Dr. Octagon character that he felt was too limiting a character to be locked down as.
So I couldn’t believe that not only does a new Dr. Octagon album come out on June 27th, but some of it has already officially been released.

Perhaps Doc Oc went back in time using his 7XL to prevent himself from being killed? It’d be funny if he actually addressed this on his album.

The original Dr. Octagon was one of Keith’s best selling records to date and was also the debut of the amazing production skills of Dan The Automator. In fact the concept album was supposedly Dan’s personal project and he recruited the skills of Keith and DJ Q-Bert. Dan also released Dr. Instrumentalyst as the instrumental follow up to Dr. Octagonecologyst. It should be noted that Keith played bass on most of the album though.

These new tracks, which on initial listens seem very electro, were produced by One Watt Sun, a European production trio and features DJ Dexter on the turntables (check out his scratching on Ants below).

For the eight weeks leading up to The Return of Dr. Octagon, official mp3 remixes are being made available. Remixers possibly include Prefuse 73, Rob Sonic, and Aesop Rock. New remixes are being put online every Friday, and will only stay up for a week. So check the site often.
This week’s remix is a 20 minute megamix by San Francisco DJ, Mike Relm. I saw Mike a month ago opening for Kid Koala and he blew me away. Totally recommend seeing his live show, it’s full of video scratching, comedy, mashes, and sick scratching. Be sure to grab it tonight before it’s gone!

Supposedly there are 8 issues of comics to be released before the cd as well, any one seen those?

extra links:
The Return Myspace Page
Dr. Octagon release site on

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