The Weather is Karen’s Arm

Monday, March 13, 2006

Friday night I was walking to my birthday party at Bender’s in the rain. Luckily I had grabbed my umbrella before I left the house, in case it started raining on my walk back home.

The rain started suddenly and seemed to be a surprise to most folks out on the street.
At the time, I was on the phone with my friend Karen, who was in her car 10 blocks north of me on Mission ST.
“I have to go.” she said suddenly, then adding “It’s hailing right now.”
I hung up the phone and walked up to the nearest stranger, a man in his forties with an umbrella identical to mine.
“Shity weather, isn’t it?” I asked him.
“Yep.” He replied.
“At least it isn’t hailing though.” Before he could reply a hailstorm burst out all around us.
I walked away in the storm, but I caught a look at his puzzled face before I left. That was priceless.

Thanks Karen, it’s what I’ve always wanted.

The Oldboy DVD is nice too.






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