This is really hard of me to ask this of you but.

Doing some of the things that I do, my name (and consequently my email) gets spread out on the internet. This results in many bizarre email exchanges.

Often times I’m assuming I’m talking to a kid, and then find out several emails later that I am actually dealing with a 25 year old man from Brazil, or a 40 something woman from poland that wants to know if faith in god is what provides my yo-yo skill. I get a lot of “please fly me to stay with you and learn yo-yo” emails. I also get other shit that I am forced believe is just sent to fuck with me. Like the following email exchange from last week:

From: asafestud
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006
This is really hard of me to ask this of you but. I really love your video of you smashing the record. Have you done that alot before? I really LOVE IT! I was curious if you would consider makin a sport out of it. Would love to see you smash it barefoot too if possible. I know its an odd request but if you had anymore record smashing videos I would more then appreciate it. Thanks!

doctor popular wrote:
Howdy, no other smashing videos.
I have smashed the hearts of those who have chosen to know me, and smashed the egos of those who’ve opposed me.. However, neither of these things make for good video.

From: asafestud
To: doctor popular
Subject: RE:
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006
well either way I really loved it very much and if you choose to do it again with any other vinyl records. I would love to see it. I know sounds odd and takes a lot to courage to even ask you. I appreciate the response though.

A quick myspace search and I linked the address to Joseph of New Mexico, who coincidentally last logged in the day before sending these emails. His only listed friend on there seems to be a dj, hence the record obsession?

This is the movie he is referencing.

Note, I definitely appreciate exchanges like this one. Definitely one of the neater requests for a video.






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