Worn Again- Escapes

Yo, I got some new kicks in the mail and I love ’em.

Worn Again makes them (with Terra Plana), they have a couple different styles.

I got the Escapes and I love ’em so far. The shoes are sweatshop free and almost entirely made from scraps and recycled rubber. Worn Again uses old car seats, coffee bean burlap sacks, old tee shirts, blue jeans, and puppies.

Just kidding.
They don’t use the coffee sacks, that’d be gross
So like I said, I love practicing my “Ian Knot” in my hot new kicks, and as long as the product lasts me for a decent time, I don’t regret the steep price tag on ’em.
Here’s the thing though, some of ya’ll know that I got a pair of Blackspot V2’s from Adbusters and have been bitching about them ever since. These shoes, looked great, but actually where very poorly made. Then I found out how bad their customer support was on top of that. It’s a shame, the V1’s where killer shoes! But the second design they did just fell apart so quickly. It really soured me from the idea of buying shoes responsibly. Meaning, I don’t mind spending more money for shoes that I know are well made in decent conditions, but the Blackspots are very poorly made.


So, here’s to hoping these Escapes don’t fall apart in a month. Shalom






One response to “Worn Again- Escapes

  1. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    The shoes suck.

    Fuck it, why can’t moral shoes be made well?

    The coffee bag parts just peeled away in the first week, it’s a terrible design idea!

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