worst party ever.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Saturday night I went to the big A.P.E. post party at the Cartoon Art Museum. I had spent all day vending a table at the Alternative Press Expo, and was really looking forward to actually hanging out with some of the other vendors that I didn’t get to see while I was at my table.

Nobody from A.P.E. showed up. Not a single person. However, there was a big crowd there for the Queer Comics exhibition that was currently up at the Museum. For some reason, people seemed to think it was perfectly normal to walk up to me and rub my arms or hips while I was checking out the art. So that was frustrating, and the exhibit sucked, it was pretty much the worst party of any sort I have ever been to in my life.

Here is an example of what a typical conversation was like:

So then that happened.The blonde wig was a nice touch though.

After the A.P.E. party I met up with Karen and we went to an underground absinthe party. That was great. Very very good times. Very good times. Although I spent tons of money on drinks. Maybe around $60. The night was debacherous, the drinks where good, and the conversation was great.

Kay-Kay, I hope you enjoyed yourself there. Did you sip much ‘sinthe?






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