Bender’s Fire

When my train pulled into the Jack London Sqaure stop last night, I finally had a chance to check a weeks worth of Metro PCS voicemails. Several people had called me to break the bad news. Benders Bar and Grill on 19th and S Van Ness had a late night fire, and appears to be pretty gutted.

My friend Phil (from Yes, Absolutely.) lives right down the street and heard the fire trucks at around 4 in the morning. The next day he snapped these photos.

He says the fire appears to have started on the bar side, and he says the other half of the bar, where the Grille and stage is, doesn’t look too affected.

I called Ta Wei last night to see how he is doing, but haven’t heard back yet. As far as I’ve heard, nobody was hurt in the fire.

Hopefully Ta Wei and the other Bender’s employees will have something to fall back onto for a while.

chilling at Benders with our out of town friends after BAC.






3 responses to “Bender’s Fire

  1. Josh Parker Avatar
    Josh Parker

    Damn. That’s too bad. You guys had just filmed stuff there too, right?

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Naw, didn’t film there.

    We almost did, but went to Zeitgiest instead.

  3. rimma Avatar

    They say it was arson.

    Anyway, the latest I heard is that the building is still structurally sound, Johnny is getting a bunch of money from insurance and intends to rebuild, better than ever.

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