Head A’Splode!

note: I’m switching my blogging over to docpop.blogspot.com for most of my writing from now on. If your running safari, click the orange live bookmark link to add me to your bookmarks. The goal is to make that page look much nicer btw.

I’ve been working on keeping secrets. Not “secret” secrets, but things that might happen but haven’t yet.

In previous experiences, I have been promised amazing things, talked about those amazing things, then when the amazing things fell through, people constantly asked me about the things.
I’m not good at keeping secrets when they are about projects I’m working on.

That being said, I’m-a’splode if I don’t tell all of you folks that I’m going to LA next week to shot some material for a new show on ABC. I’m going with Augie and Paul as representatives of The College For The Easily Amused. It’s our team vs. another team. The show supposedly takes the best of the best and gives them a challenge against their peers. Think American Idol for everything but singing and dancing.

We leave Tuesday and film on Friday. I’m taking a train ride back on Sunday.
That’s not all, I’ve got few songs on an upcoming Nerdcore Hip Hop compilation. The comp has already been blogged about plenty and it looks like it’s going to get a lot of press when it get’s released, in fact Wired has already stated their intentions to run a Nerdcore Hip Hop article about the disc. Rhyme Torrents will be released in it’s entirety on Tuesday. I’ve already posted some of my stuff from the album on this blog, but I also did the beat for Beefy’s Tub of Tabasco song.

But there is more, Tuesday is National Yo-Yo day AND it’s the day of this Church of Satan event (Astrid, tix are apparently still available).

So, yeah, I’m-a be on tv, don’t send me emails asking when, for now it looks like end of June or early July. Seriously though, don’t ask that’s annoying, I’ll post it when I know.
For those of you in the Bay Area, Consortium of Yo meets at Zeitgeist this weekend, come and hang out…






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