I was totally let go yesterday

This came as a total shock, I was at work, booking a new 52 week backpage ad, when I got called into my managers office.

He was there with his new assistant who closed the door as I entered the room:

“We are going to make this quick, unless you have any questions. We are going to let you go.”

“Any questions?”

“Uh, yeah… Why am I being fired?”

They told me I was being fired, because my call count wasn’t very high considering I just got back from vacation. They didn’t ask why my call count was low (because I had been gone for a week and had tons of billing and production issues), they didn’t seem to care that I had still been booking a bunch of new ads in the two days I’d been back, and they had the balls to ask “What, you look surprised?”

Well of course I’m surprised, isn’t it normal to tell someone their job is in danger, or at least indicate it in some way. I thought they were happy with my performance there, I was selling long term, showing up on time, had a good attitude, and felt I was a team player.