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Ice age in the frozen foods section

The line at Mitchell’s Ice Cream was huge yesterday, as it tends to be on hot Mission nights.

“Now calling number 21”.

I looked down at our ticket, number 59. There where 38 groups of people ahead of us.

So Shan and I walked an extra block to the freezer section of the nearby Safeway.

Apparently a giant comet had struck the frozen food section the night before, resulting in drastic climate changes that plunged the dessert section into a new ice age.

Now I know how prehistoric man must have felt as he foraged for food. How difficult it was to differentiate between the regular and low fat varieties of frozen dairy.

I stumbled upon an Atkins Push Up bars, a relic from a long forgotten past.

So I picked out a pint of Starbucks Java Chip ice cream and headed out of the section. I checked out the different toppings on the way down the isle. I was considering the unique opportunities that squeezable Marshmallow had to offer when I came across the Banana Boat Ultra Sunblock sp30 topping in front of the Push Ups and Klondike Bars.






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