Scrap Life #1: My LoveLife Bag

A few months ago I blogged about going to LoveLife Bags on 16th and Mission and picking out my own bag. They actually let you pick out the fabric, trim, tags, and style of bag at the shop. It usually takes up to 6 weeks, but I think mine was done in 2 or 3.

Due to some past experiences, I wanted to wait a few weeks before I started raving or complaining about these bags, and after rocking this one for a month I can finally say it looks like I’ve totally scored.

Unlike my Worn Agains and Blackspot shoes, nothing has started to unravel or tear. It doesn’t look like it’s going to fall apart soon, and I’ve seen a few people rocking their LL Bags and saying they hardly age at all. This bag fits well, holds all my shit, and is completely unique. I dig it.

I don’t have a good picture of the inside yet, but each bag is made by re-using old vinyl signs from store fronts, so the inside looks really neat.

Scrap Life? I asked Roxanne at LoveLife for the leftover scrap from my bag so that I could use it for a few projects. She gave me about 1/4 of a yard of this awesome calico (upholstery?) material. So over the course of the next week I’m going to post the results of this project online for you guys to check out. Some will by mine, some will be with the help of friends. Stay tuned for Scrap Life soon.

edit: view the rest of this series-

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4 responses to “Scrap Life #1: My LoveLife Bag

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I wanna know about that watch you’re wearing.

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Yeah, I got so many comments on that watch, I’m going to post about it on next week, but here is some basic info.

    It’s a drum machine watch made by Seiko in the late 90’s. It has variable tempos, patterns, and a beat per minute counter.

    It’s fucking huge.

    I plan on documenting the sounds before I take it apart and try to add a line out and variable tempo.

  3. hessian Avatar

    where is the store located? I walked around 16th and Mission and could not find the store. Help?

  4. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Here is the link to Love Life, [url=][/url]
    They don’t have a store, but there office is on 16th and Mission. Just contact them through the site, and they will set up a meeting at the office.

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