Scrap Life #2: Calico Wallet

So the first Scrap Life project was a no brainer.

I’m-a make a wallet.

Now the wallet design that I went for was based on a gift from my buddy [redacted]. I made it at a craft night at my new friend Rachel’s apartment. She was really cool to let me use her supplies and her kick ass Bernina sewing machine.

This wallet is the first item I’ve ever sewn together from scratch. I’ve fixed and embroidered hella stuff, but putting together the wallet from scrap was an amazing experience. Note the cute embroidered heart… It’s puffy!

That being said, I keep showing it to everyone I see, and I swear to you that absolutely nobody is as impressed as they should be… I mean, I made something from less than something. To me, that’s a big deal, but whatever.

[redacted]‘s wallet design also happens to be my fave, I don’t know if it’s his complete design, or where he go it, but I’ve loved my [redacted] wallet, and so very proud to have my own handmade wallet that matches my LoveLive Bag.






2 responses to “Scrap Life #2: Calico Wallet

  1. Rob Tsou Avatar
    Rob Tsou

    Nice work Doc! You get used to the lack of response. Remember that next time someone knits something for you 😉


  2. jen Avatar

    Hot DAMN that is a mighty fine wallet. *envy* *envy* *envy*

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