The empty container of ice cream in the fridge

There’s needs to be a word to describe the sadness you feel when you open that refrigerator door and discover your roommate has devoured the last of your ice cream.

Not that the ice cream was super exceptional or anything, but maybe it was a rough day, the worst, perhaps you were fired from your job… with no warning and no severance pay.

As your packing a box full of your cds and sketches on scraps of paper while cramming as many pens and office supplies as you can, one happy thought crosses your mind. You grab onto this thought, of the pint of caramel ice cream on the top shelf in your freezer, thinking of it all the way home. “How nice it will be to veg out watching the Simpsons and finish that ice cream off.” you think.

But of course it never works that way. The same roommates that keep eating EVERY SINGLE BAG of Have’a Corn Chips and finish up all your Odwella Orange Juice must have had the same happy thought you had and beat you to the ice cream.

So, blah blah blah, here’s the point… I noticed something weird in my fridge recently, I bought a half gallon of Lucama ice cream recently and it’s remained untouched. Actually, they must have tried some of it, but I guess they just didn’t like it. So I laid out a plan, I washed the container and taped a piece manilla paper over the clear window to make it appear to still be full of the freezer-burned ice cream.

Now my half gallon Lucama container makes the perfect disguise for pints of ice cream. It works like a dream, an “ice dream”. I can leave anything in there, gyoza, shrimp, Cherry Garcia.. whatever.

Sometimes when dealing with roommates, you gotta be crafty.






3 responses to “The empty container of ice cream in the fridge

  1. Rob Tsou Avatar
    Rob Tsou

    Very Nice! Now as log as your roomates don’t read your blog, you’re all set.

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Meh, we where all stealing internet from the bikram yoga studio until they shut it off a week ago.

    I don’t think they’ve found a good internet spot in the house since then.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    your roommates sound like a bunch of assholes

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