Under where?

Wait for an hour, rehearse for an hour, move to another location, wait for a couple more hours, get ready to leave, wait for an hour an a half. That’s the day.

Rehearsal was great, we nailed the last one perfectly today. If we can do that on friday night, this will be fantastic. The ambiguously vague stunt will be fantastic, I spent half the rehearsal working on my bicycle kick. Friday is the big day, by big day I mean, the day we spend waiting around the studio while some bitchy person “babysits” us, but I also mean we film our segment. Live audience, celebrity judges, stunts, Augie/Paul/Doc, how can’t it not suck?

Before I left San Francisco, I made sure to pack underwear. One pair in fact. You see, this was a result of Sunday’s all day filming. It never occured to me that underwear would be necessary for a day of filming all over the city, but I forgot about the microphone pack. The mic was on my lapel, but the mic guy had to store the battery pack on my back, packed firmly against my hairy ass. Now it didn’t really bother me, but I thought it was asking a little too much of the sound man to have to handle that… So, I planned ahead and brought underwear. One pair. For the entire week. It was all I had. So yeah, theoretically it will be necessary for the stunt.

So far, there hasn’t been any electronics pressed up against my sweaty butt cheeks, but there’s still a day left on the set.

We haven’t seen the Texas Crew’s routine yet, or any other performers, I can’t wait to see them Friday night. The producers keep adding bullshit to the routine and the show, so even tonight I’m working the routine’s last minute alterations.

Wait till ya’ll see this shit on the teevee, I’m feeling so very proud right now. That feeling will start to turn into anxiety, then into fear by 5pm. Honestly I’m super anxious to see what the Texas Crew have planned. Jesse and Miggy are two cynical bastards, but they seem proud of it and I know Bazan has tons of team routine experience. We have a lot of surprises, but I can tell they do as well.

Beefy has a new song on myspace.com/beefynerdcore, the beat is mine, the singing is great. Go Beefy.

Addendum: I went to K-mart this morning.. to purchase means tight boxer briefs…

Wapner. Gotta watch Wapner!






4 responses to “Under where?

  1. Josh Parker Avatar
    Josh Parker

    The Beefy track on the nerdcore compilation was one of my absolute faves from the start. Then he totally sent out props to you and then I liked the song even more.

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Addendum: I went to K-mart this morning.. to purchase means tight boxer briefs…

    Wapner. Gotta watch Wapner!

  3. Schlick Avatar

    I hope you don’t have a costume malfunction!!!!!

  4. Peter Moore Avatar

    This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉

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