Today was fantastic, I mean it started off bad. Really bad, but it turned out great.

Our 9 am rehearsal was bumped from studio to studio, we couldn’t really even practice because of construction and shit. I was getting really fed up, we could have gotten more done at the hotel than at our rehearsal.

But then shit got fun, there’s a certain performance element of our routine that had me worried, but today I met with the stunt coordinator and we practiced it for a couple hours. So much fun! I’m not gonna talk about what it is yet, it’s better to just leave you hanging.

It was a long day, but I can’t wait for more of this practice.

J-, our driver, was a trip today. I can’t get over how much he acts and sounds just like Mark Montgomery, Paul sees it to. So I decided to capture some of that on audio. Here is an excerpt from over 5 minutes of J- talking about Godzilla. It’s a trip and so is J-. He’ll go from a huge diatribe about how he doesn’t like any cars with more than two doors, or any car not made in Japan (he did admit he would look at a Viper though), then he’ll totally geek out on some old manga or something.

I think Augie was bummed, today was marked as a black day so the studios were fairly empty, thus the catering was really slim.






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