Yes I know that it is…

Yes, I’m well aware of the significance of today’s date.

I knew it from the moment I woke up and looked out the window to see a dark and stormy sky…

I knew it from all the internet hype.

Today is of course, National Yo-Yo Day.

A huge event in the course of this countries history.

I left SF this morning and flew in to LA with Augie. We met up with Paul at the television studio and did a few hours of taping and rehearsal. Paul showed up with one yo-yo, and it wasn’t one that would be used for the show. Not that Augie or I were much more prepared, I think we have 20 strings between us, but still. What’s the one thing your gonna bring on your trip to film a big yo-yo segment on ABC?

Most of the filming today was to get us messing up, so they asked us to intentional mess up stuff. Augie and I did a bunch of huge aerials and “almost” caught them, etc.

J-, our security officer, told us a bunch of scandalous stories about celebs he’s worked with. I literally haven’t heard of any of them… I’ll ask Augie:

“Tyrese the male model who masquerades as a rapper slash r ‘n b star who’s popular who his overuse of the word “baby” is apparently quite the pansy and quite the “b—-.” He refused to see the little kiddos and got scared of em when they asked for an autograph from their favorite b-movie style music star. His film shoot also got shot up by a drive by shooting on BIKES, because Tyrese used to belong to the crips, and he was shooting (literally apparently) in blood territory.
The other dudes were wannabe rappers like The Game, and some others who I don’t care enough to recall.
Ohh, and apparently, the dude from Hells Kitchen purports as the sweetest guy in all the freaking world, but on the set, he lashes out irrationally and even choked a fool. He then hit him with a teflon coated frying utensil, and the dude has been in a coma since the 1950s.”

Riding with Paul on the way to the hotel, he kept freaking out about every store we passed. I just can’t get with that, you know? You can get all this stuff in SF, seriously, even the “rare” stuff. Paul’s here to shop.

Augie and I are here to mooch and take as much as we can from the network. They had a huge catering table in each sound room. Our’s had donuts, drinks, bagels, twizzle stix, and vitamins. Tons of vitamins! I took 10 different kinds, B through E and aloa and tons of stuff.

The hotel is free, but internet costs money, so I’ll only be checking infrequently.

And yes, I think 6/6/6 is kind of cool, but movies and album releases for today pale in comparison to the feeling of looking down at your plane ticket and seeing “Isle 13, 6/6/06”. Now that’s edgy.






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  1. Josh Parker Avatar
    Josh Parker

    Cool boss. I look forward to hearing more about LA.

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