Blingdom of God

I recieved an email from Annie Boomer yesterday with this awesome .gif. She’s wearing her awesome new Hand Of Yo shirt and doing the Boomer Dance. Annie also commented on that foxy watch I wrote about
yesterday “Looks like the Gods of Bling are shining on you!”

Once again, Baddd Spellah has hipped me to another great trailer… Did you know they were making another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? It’s cool ’cause it’s in the style of the old Eastman and Laird comics.

Hey if you get the time, check out Shawn Fumo‘s blogspot. He wrote recently about this video that any nerd should see. It’s the video view from a rocket booster as it takes off, leaves the atmosphere and disconnects from the shuttle. Go NASA, it’s your birthday! Go NASA, it’s your birthday!

While watching this video I tried identifying what was happening in the video, I found some very good observations on the comments on this blog including the following:

  1. Eric Ingram Says:

    Here’s a video from the right aft SRB. This video seems to buffer and play faster, too.

    And thanks to Slashdot user Goldenhawk for the information below regarding this video:

    1:30-1:40 Mach transition (breaking the sound barrier – watch the nose)
    2:39 a rather visible bit of debris flies right past the camera
    2:58 separation from the orbiter/tank stack
    3:59 as the booster tumbles, you can briefly spot the shuttle as a bright dot
    5:18 you can see the smoke plume thru the upper atmosphere
    7:13 some debris goes past the booster camera
    7:17 you can see a shroud (parachute) line falling
    7:25 you can very briefly see a chute
    7:30 water entry
    7:40 the chute falls into the water
    8:00 as the booster floats, the chutes and shroud lines are clearly
    visible around the booster



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