Gang Blang

Let me tell you a story about this watch.

Last week I was walking to the post office to ship some orders, when I noticed all the cops on the corner of 24th street and Mission. It looked like a gang fight had occurred, and the cops came and split the gangs into to groups while booking them. I walked past one of the groups, all the guys were bloody and fucked up, one had this huge welt on the side of his head that looked like it was from a baseball bat.

I kept walking down 24th towards the other group of cops and bloody gangsters. About halfway down the block I saw this watch laying on the sidewalk. Shit like this doesn’t stay on the street for long, it must’ve been a leftover from the recent fight.

So I was between the Nortenos on Capp Street and the Sorenos on the steps of McDonalds, with somebodies watch at my feet. Of course I grabbed it, slapped it on my wrist, and kept walking down 24th.

Fuck dumpster diving, anyone else wanna go Gang Blanging with me? I’ll call up some guys and say “Man, I can’t believe what the Nortenos just said about your mother.” Then I’ll just follow them around and pick up the scraps after the cops break up the gang fights that are sure to ensue.






5 responses to “Gang Blang

  1. fierce kitten Avatar
    fierce kitten

    Not just trouble, that’s tacky ghetto trouble.

  2. onibunny Avatar

    ITs sad you didn’t get the cracker jacks that watch came with!
    they’re very tasty!

  3. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Cracker Jacks?

    That’s a Bulova, sort of. It says “JPN MVT” on the front and “Swiss Made” on the back.

  4. Rob Tsou Avatar
    Rob Tsou

    Nice catch Doc! Straight from the Mr T Collection! I’ll be looking for that in Orlando next month.

  5. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Yeah Rob.. About that…
    I don’t think I’m going.

    I’ll be in Chico though for Nats.

    BTW, thanks for taking time to comment on these things.

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