Hurry up and wait

So tonight the episode of Master of Champions that me and my friends are on will be airing so be sure to check it out, or as Z. from Hipster Please says “This cat can do more tricks with a yo-yo than a Parisian hooker can with a scarf and a bowl of sorbet, so it’s in your best interest to watch.”

The plan is to have a watching party and my friends Matt and Rachel’s loft; they have a huge projector and stuff. I’m encouraging all my friends to bring Have’ A Corn Chips, I’ll have Popalote salsa and homemade wasabi guacamole dip.

My mom called last night and read an article that was printed in the Marshall County Gazette (from my hometown of Lewisburg TN). She said I sounded whiny in my interview I said “what interview”. “The one you did for the paper” she said “all you’re doing is complaining in it.”. So I guess the paper ran an article full of quotes and stuff that they gathered off of my personal blog, they never gave me a call or anything with questions. Funny huh? So all the quotes are terribly out of context and stuff.

After the party tonight, Honaker and I are gonna go see Aesop Rock at the Independent. He and Jeremy Fish will be having a release party for their new childrens book “Next Best Thing“. Fish is probably my favorite local artist, I love Mars-1 and others, but Fish isn’t just a one concept artist. Can’t wait to see the book…

Blockhead is opening, I’ll probably miss him, but I hope not. His beats are fucking legendary, one of my top 10 all time fave producers. I saw Aes about three years ago in Minneapolis, it was terrible! It was billed as Aesop Rock with El P opening, right? But it turned out they where on stage together, and El P turned every Aesop Rock song into a “yell rap” song, like an anthem rap or something, even the slow stuff… “YO, LUCY! LUCY! KEEP DRAWING LUCY!!!” Just terrible, they did 7 El P tracks and 5 Aesop tracks. I hope tonight was better, I was more excited before I saw that Aesop had Rob Sonic backing him up, why can’t rappers just go on stage and rap their songs, like on the albums. You don’t have to have a back up rapper, are you listening Mr. Sean Daley?







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  1. Shawn Fumo Avatar
    Shawn Fumo

    Wow.. a paper took quotes from your blog to make a fake interview? That is pretty low and scary even considering the current state of affairs!

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