Ta Wei’s New Space

I hung out with Ta Wei at his new space yesterday. He is taking over the grill at Thee Parkside (1600 17th St, near Bottom Of the Hill) and should officially be started on Monday (July 3rd).

He was working on his new menu while I was there and it looks good. He mentioned that he always likes to make his menus on his typewriter, which fits his persona. It looks like Ta Wei is going to try to take traditional bar fair and give it a Thai twist. I just noticed that his typewrite must be european. Here are some highlights:

House Fries- “A starchy blend of potato, sweet yams, yucca in curry mayo, curry ketchup”

Double Burger Platter- “Two petite burgers garnished with thinly sliced plums, blue or goat cheese, and the PLATTER comes with special house fries.”

Fried Pork Sandwich- “Tender Slices of pork marinated in lemongrass sauce with pate, curry mayo, cumber and basil”?

Pad Se Ew- “I love this noodle dish. Fresh fat rice noodles with basil, tofu, red peppers, shiitake musrooms. Sounds like a pasta primavera thai style”

I wrote a few weeks ago about the fire at Benders, Ta Wei says the official word is that it was arson and there were possibly even witnesses.

I’m not sure what his schedule will be yet at Thee Parkside, but I’ll post it here when I find out. The plates range from $5 to $8.






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    remember when we ate at yamo and I paid, but you kept the change, and then we went and looked at dildos?

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