The Penny Arcade Expo is happening right now up in Washington. Sounds like crazy fun, hella game cabinets set for coin free operation. It’s like the World Yo-yo Contest of nerds and gamers. Actually I guess it’s more like the National Yo-Yo Contest ’cause I’d want to go to PAX. I’m constantly checking the nerdcore boards and pretending I’m up there now.

Not so much for the games, although I could spend plenty of time in front of Discs Of Tron if they have it, but my main interest would be the nerdcore hip hop stuff. There are two nerdcore documentaries in production right now, and they have both let me know that they are going to be there. PAX has always been good to the nerdcore scene, but this year it seems to have fully embraced it. Of course Frontalot will be doing the big show again this year and so will mc chris, but the cool part is the Sunday night show post pax. Damn I wish I could see my friend Beefy’s set, I bet he’s gonna tear shit up.

Sure I wanna hang out with the documentary crews and meet all the cats from the Rhymetorrents board, but mostly I really wanna play Discs of Tron.. I mean, catch the sunday night nerdcore hip hop show.

edit: okay, I’m not as jealous anymore…






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  1. Z. Avatar

    True-to-the-dat. It’s a double-wammy, you know? Missing the Front and Optimus PAX gigs and tonight’s ultra-special nerdcore show! I have chosen to drown my sorrow via the tried and true combination of domestic beer and hyphenation. Oh-yeah. 😉

  2. Beefy Avatar

    What really sucks is that concert braclets ran out by 9:30am from what I’m told, so I couldn’t even see the frontalot show. I even heard there were pogo sticks! Looks like I’ll have to wait for the PAX DVDs.

  3. Rob Tsou Avatar
    Rob Tsou

    Ouch! No love for the World Yo-yo Contest! PAX does rock though, those PA guys really know what they’re doing. NERDCORE ETERNAL!

  4. Nerd Corps Recruiter Avatar
    Nerd Corps Recruiter

    Hey, are you busy this weekend? And weren’t you complaining about parking in SF not long ago? So you’ve got a car?

    I have an idea!
    Road trip to Washington!!!

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