Scrap life #4: Sonny’s Bag

Sonny got a Lovelife bag! So of course I had to get the scrap from Roxanne and make as much as I could with it. This is the first Scrap Life article I’ve written not using that coveted green material from my bag.

I surprised Sonny with a wallet and yo-yo bag made out of the same material as his bag, including the trim. He posted pics up on his Flickr account (slideshow here). The yo-yo bag is gorgeous, and reversable! I found a black shirt at some yuppies yard sale with this cool yellow skull screened on it, I was surprised that it was basically the same size as the bag would need to be, so I bought it for a dime. The wallet I’m not so into. The material just wasn’t as friendly as what I used for my wallet, but I did manage to get decent embroidery on there. Sonny loves Polaroid cameras, so the pic on the wallet is a Polaroid style picture of Sonny.

When I first got the material I wanted to make a bike cozy for Sonny’s freestyle bmx bike, but decided to wait on the project. Well, last weekend Yaris did some free events and workshops in the city so I decided to go for the “bike cozy workshop”. I got there and when I asked the girl how to make a cozy she showed me Timbuk2 cozy that was fully assembled and said “make it like this one”. I could have done that at home, but since I had Sonny’s fabric there, and they had the perfect trim, I stayed and made my first bike cozy, similar to the Timbuk2 one, but I think I figured out an easier pattern for the next one I make.

So, Sonny’s got a Love Life Bag, with matching wallet, reversable yo-yo holster, and top bar bike cozy. I think that’s more than I’ve done with my own fabric… time to get busy on project .






3 responses to “Scrap life #4: Sonny’s Bag

  1. Being Sew Creative Avatar
    Being Sew Creative

    AWESOME!! Love the embroidery. Good job!

    Loose-weave tweed can be difficult as it comes apart so easily. I recently made a hat of similar material.

    Sewing a backing to it makes it easier to work with. Looks like that’s what you did with that rad holster.

    You should totally make more holsters and sell them in your store.
    I’m sure the holster is one of the more favorite aspects of having bought The End.

  2. Rob Tsou Avatar
    Rob Tsou

    Cool stuff Doc!

    Let me know what you think of the bag I gave Kiya at World’s. If he doesn’t remember it, remind him it’s the fuzzy one.


  3. freestyle Avatar

    It looks cool, thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.


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