On a recent trip to the Laney Flea Market I scored these boss fake Nike’s. Now I obviously don’t know much about the real Nike’s shoe line, I do know they don’t make shoes like this. I’m assuming these kicks where made to actually imitate Bapes.

The shell toes are clear, the heel is shiny black.

On the same trip I scored a new keyboard with some great drum buttons and drum sounds. Trying to keep my eyes open for a good sewing machine and iron, but none to be seen.

Robert found several Casios and an amazing keyboard called the Polyrhythm 8. I’ll try to get pics up of it soon.






5 responses to “Fike

  1. I fell in the Sewer! Avatar
    I fell in the Sewer!

    dude, you are not going to find a good sewing machine at a flea market.

    You can find one for under $200 at Target.

    And then, there’s Craigslist…

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Did you make your hat?
    Is that embroidered lettering or are those patches?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Nice hat did you make it?

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Im lookin for a bigger pic of that hat

  5. GarrettC Avatar

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