Drown Radio, booming over your high school’s P.A.

Peder, a friend and fan of Drown Radio, sent me a cool message today about his Philosophy teacher using “Happy Valium Meal” as part of the curriculum:

“After I sent my teacher the lyrics and song of Happy Valium Meal she loved it and decided to print out the lyrics and make copys for the entire class. She told me that when she does this she is also going to spend the day or a good part of one discussing the song. I don’t know if it will take place in my Philosopy class or Critical Thinking but knowing her it will probably be both. On top of that she stated this, “I openly admit to hating rap music. I can’t stand it. This song actualy sounds like music. This I like.” Then we started talking about what kind of music you do and I said it is called Nerd Core. I also said that I like her hate the style of music but I do like your sound and I do love Frontalots music other then that I can’t stand rap/hip hop music. She continued on to say you should drop Nerd Core and do more songs like Happy Valium Meal because it is really good and it has lyrics that serve a purpose not like the crap in main steam music.”

It’s like… one of those tearjerking movies, where the idealistic teacher can’t breakthrough and connect with their students, so they try an alternative method… You know… like in that movie… Take the Lead, that was it!






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