Friday the 13th

Well, last Friday was a good time. There was to be another underground absinthe party (similar to this one and this one I wrote about a while back ago) and my buddy Dan was going to visit me (from Minnesota) and film some of my performances over the weekend.

As we were walking to the 24th St BART, we saw a big crowd on the East Side of Mission staring above the Chinese Food and Donuts shop on the corner. So, we crossed the street to see what was going on and saw the Live Billboard Project.

The dancers were harnessed to the top of the billboard, I couldn’t really tell what scene if any they were playing out and what any of it had to do with the giant feel good text behind them, but I liked it enough to track a volunteer down and make a donation. It was a really neat thing to see in my hood.My only big complaint would be that it would have been nice to know what was going on and when. I mean I had seen the set up for the event for a week (or two?) but had not ever seen anyone on it until the very last day it was up. If only there was some place they could have put information about what was going on… maybe some sort of banner or big sign that they could use to put up a website link with show times, or even a description or name of what was going on… if only there was some sort of giant sign that local residents would pass by and say “hey that sounds neat, I should see that thing that is being described on the sign”…. Maybe some sort of board, upon which the show’s bill could be posted on.

Then we moved along to our party, where I rocked a pretty good show for being as drunk as I was. The performance can be seen below, please note the most spectacular Robot ever.






4 responses to “Friday the 13th

  1. heather Avatar

    Awesome! Great seeing you Friday.

    So I watched the video and that question I was asking you? I’m on crack. You’re just throwing it normally. I think I’m just not used to seeing you throw a not-breakaway (what’s that called anyway?).

    So hey, when’s that COY meet? You’ve inspired me, I wanna get back into it now. Hell, I bought a bape and then stopped playing, that’s like the dumbest shit ever.

  2. shananan Avatar

    oh man, i can hear myself woooo-ing in the background, haha. i was THAT person…

    you’re SEXY!

  3. BettyCMiller Avatar

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