Inks and Colors

Above is the cover to our newest Cartoonist Conspiracy book “LMNtal”. It was a highly collaborative piece that was created in a different way than most of our comics. Brian Kolmes pencilled most of the images, then Jeff Plotkin added some penciled work, before I inked the whole piece.

I’ve been having a lot of fun inking lately. I’m not shifting focus or anything, but I’ve always penciled and inked my own pieces and now it’s great practice to learn to ink other peoples stuff. It’s an excercise that helps you learn what is unique about your pencil and inking style.

Afterwards Brian colorized the project, I think it’s interesting to see the difference. I liked my black and white, but I really like the colored version.

BTW, Jeff Plotkin posted his 24 Hour comic! You can see it here. Click on the link after each description to move on to the next page. I couldn’t make it to this years event, so it makes me feel really happy that I could still be part of it through Jeff’s comic.






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