Lofty Pursuits Part II

In the previous blog I wrote about my new wooden loft bed and the Bosch-esque heaven and hell theme with cassette tapes. The background would be orange, the cassettes where white, and all of the clouds would be the original wood color. To give the clouds shading, I used wood stain.

Here is the unpainted with with Mike’s pencils, and the wood stain.

Going along with the “wooden clouds” effect, Shannon put stickers up before we painted. After many coats of paint, the stickers hand to be cut before we could peel them off. It took a lot of debate, but we finally picked a qoute from Me And You And Everyone We Know for the bed.

I painted and stained a desk and a file cabinet.

Here is the final project. Check it out, I climb on the clouds to get to the top! I think the staining turned out cool, and I love the cassettes. On some of them I put label names, like
Sebadoh’s Bakesale etc…

By Mike Hales,, Doc and Shan

I’d like to mention that the original idea for the woodstained clouds came from the beautiful mural in Fabric8’s store on Valencia and 22nd. You can’t come by and check out my bed, but you totally can check out their awesome woodstained mural and art gallery.






3 responses to “Lofty Pursuits Part II

  1. Heather Avatar

    Ahahahaha, ))<>(( forever… Good game!

    Altogether, very nicely done 🙂

  2. I like the poop. Avatar
    I like the poop.

    That looks great!
    Not sure about the ))<>(( forever bit; seems grossly suggestive for a bed, dude.
    I like the By-line. Very cute.

  3. Chaotica Avatar

    I want my quilt back now more than ever. *brrr*

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