New SFCC comic online now.

The newly created San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy comic “LMNtal” is online now on the You can read it here (feel free to print it up if you got the paper.) You’ll probably recall that this is the same cover page I posted earlier this week with the black and white cover for contrast.

The SFCC gets together twice a month at Cafe Internationale in the Lower Haight. It’s open for any artists to stop in and draw comics with us. Sometimes the comics are improvised panel by panel, but in this comic each artist was able to create their entire page. But at the end of their comic, they have to find the artist who is working on the following page and make their last panel link up to it.

For this challenge we created three simple rules, some artists followed them to a T, others… drew wtf ever they wanted.

1. No words
2. Natural disaster themed
3. Consistent paneling (all pages have two vertical and two horizontal 1/4 panels

The result I think is very simple and pure artistically. Adding these rules brings each artist’s page to just it’s basic elements, which was the inspiration for the title “LMNTal”.

Our current book is a fight/action story, and after that we will begin work on a book with a guest writer. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.






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