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I recently came across these old pics of Yoni Wolf (aka why? from anticon’s cLOUDDEAD, Reaching Quiet, why? band etc.). These where taken during Yoni’s recording session with Andy Broder in Minneapolis. Some shots are in Hymie’s Basement, others are in Dosh’s living room. I interviewed Yoni and made a cool Anticon freehand for him with painted caps. I asked Yoni to sketch something during the interview, since I would be talking about his art a bit in the interview. The piece on top is that piece. Hymie’s Basement came out in November 2003, so I think these shots are from 2002.

Teaching Yoni the braintwister with a yo-yo
A hand painted Anticon yo-yo I made for Yoni.
Yoni sketching with a BIC pen.
A sketch Yoni drew while we talked.






2 responses to “why? yo-yo

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    wow. so cool!

  2. Chaotica Avatar

    Doc, I sincerely want to thank you for introducing me to Yoni Wolf and his amazing music last year.
    I still listen to it, loving every nuance of note and lyric. He is a genius!! And here I was thinking he was just a ruggedly cute jewish boy.
    You were lucky to meet him in such a close, personal way!

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