A day without a pirate…

I spent most of the day at 826 Valencia yesterday, having a good time and getting stuff done. In the morning I illustrated a children’s story involving rocketships, martians, and a 100 foot giant super computer with spikes named Gina. (Yes I did remember to take my name tag off.)

I came back to 826 later that evening for our pirate craft night event. There where about 20 people there, making peg legs, eye patches, and pirate hooks. Good times.

I brought my sewing machine and showed the basics of pirate patch upholstery, and of course I brought plenty of scrap tie fabrics. We made 15 “tie patches” that I believe the store will sell for $10 each. I’m really happy with my embroidered ones, but some of the other ones turned out specatucalarly.







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