Big Baller…

My buddy Mike just gave me a great gift after this week’s Cartoonists Conspiracy.

It’s a 12 pound ball of ties. I haven’t tried to guess exactly how many ties could be in it, but it seems to be a solid ball of ties (not just ties wrapped around a basketball… Or a bowling ball or something.)

Apparently he found it in the Haight last Saturday and knew it would be perfect for me because of all the necktie projects I’ve been into lately.

I’ve been working on a clothing line of sorts that are fully constructed from cravats and I’m hoping to post a collection of pieces on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been working my ass off on ’em and finally feel up to showing the results.

As for the 12 pound big ass ball of ties… My plans are to first use it for window displays that love and carry my stuff… Then after using them to whore out my product, I’ll hopefully start to run low on my very very large collection of ties at home, so I’ll start whittling down the ball to it’s very core.

I like to imagine the center tie as being a real gem… Like gold and silk threads and really fucking fat and wide… Lot’s of material to work with. It’ll probably be some icky black skinny tie though.






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  1. Josh Parker Avatar
    Josh Parker

    This are some awesome pictures. Word.

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