The Religion of Science

I’ve put a new song on myspace, I don’t imagine it will be up too long but I wanted to share it for a bit.

It’s called a Mechanic Of Bodies and while it’s on my myspace page you can download it through this link.

Musically, the singing is a bit flat… The music is built with a guitar, musical saw, mouth harp, and Yamaha PSS 140.

Lyrically, this is hard because I never like to talk about my more personal songs, but I guess it’s about my grandmother who recently passed away. The song was written and recorde within a few hours of arriving back home from attending her funeral. Both of my grandmothers lived very long lives, but spent many of their last years in poor health… Sort of waiting to die I guess is what I’m saying. This song is simply about that time, not really pushing a point, just thinking about it. The power of a doctor to fight for an elderly person’s life, even if the life is nothing more than technically alive. Not something easy to think about, I just wanted to get some stuff out of my head.






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