A disturbing trend

YouTube is a giant sea of useless videos (or TMI). While a majority of videos just sink to the bottom of these cold digital waters, every once in a while a new wave of videos gathers momentum before it crashes the shore. I guess in this analogy, our souls would be the sand… Once great rocks, now frequently crushed by video bitstreams of pop culture and stupidity.

Some of these waves are fun to catch, Mentos and Diet Pepsi, Ghostriding, and political snafus where all good times but there is a new wave of videos headed for our shores that won’t be as pleasant.

I’m talking of course about the Bunny Scares Cat videos that are popping up over YouTube. Now, the wave isn’t huge yet, but I predict it is gaining strength by the minute and will soon envelop us all.

You see the problem is, unlike most other videos fads, these cat vs bunny videos (or Hurricane Thumper) are neither funny/cute/shocking/or interesting at all. They are absolutely dull.

Your average cat vs bunny video starts off with the protagonist (the cat) usually stuck in a bag or a cardboard box doing absolutely nothing interesting. Then the antagonist (the bunny) enters the scene and bumps our hero’s tail. The hero quickly lifts up his tale, realizes it’s just a bunny and continues on with his day.

I know, a cat and a bunny, how can it not be entertaining? Well, take a look at some of the examples I’ve provided below, then go out and get some renters insurance and an umbrella because Hurricane Thumper is on it’s way.

Did you see the views on those videos? Most of them were viewed over 10,000 times!
Now that I’ve posted it on my blog, those numbers may even reach 8 or 9 more views!
Meanwhile I’m lucky if I break 1,000. Fucking lagomorphs.






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