Absinthe Raid

Last night, we were all set up for a fabulous evening out. My girlfriend’s aunt and uncle got all dressed up and came up to San Francisco for an absinthe party.

We were all looking great, especially Sal and Beth (does anyone else see Telly Savalas and Bette Middler in that picture). We had been hyping up this party for a long time and I couldn’t wait to show my new yo-yo routine during the midnight cabaret.

We arrived at The Climate Theater at about 10:30 and headed straight to my favorite bartender to get our absinthe experience going. We introduced Shan’s family to the bartender and she gave us wonderful descriptions of the drinks she was going to serve. After about 5 minutes of planning, she was just about to pour our drinks, starting with mine.

As she tipped the bottle a light appeared on the drink. There was a police officer holding a flashlight, behind him were 5 more cops. I didn’t notice ’em come in, but as I looked through the doorway I could see several officers in the other rooms.

The officer spoke, “Miss, what do you have in the bottles?”.

“I’m uh, not the person to talk to.”

She walked past me and whispered, “Doc, you and your friends should probably leave.”

I went to the performers area to grab my doctors bag full of props. I must have looked really suspicious because of the officers stopped me outside and checked my bag.

The event was shut down, and I can’t find any info online. Obviously it’s still very recent.

I would imagine the raid had little to do with the presence of absinthe at the party, I think the main legal issue would be serving drinks without a license. The guests had nothing to worry about from the police, I’m not sure about the bartenders, but I would assume the only folks that will be affected by the raid would be the promoters. I’m sure they will get a huge fine and maybe confiscation of all their absinthe.

I’m heartbroken and concerned for my friends involved. The absinthe scene has been real good to me, lots of cool people and one of a kind experiences. I’m so bummed that this might be the end of the absinthe scene in the city. I’m also bummed that I didn’t even get a sip of that “330” last night and that I just ran out of Tabu two days ago.

I posted a performance on youtube from an absinthe party a few months ago. Here it is again… so I can relive that… man I’m gonna miss those parties.






12 responses to “Absinthe Raid

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Six cops! Great. Now these people are going to start taking themselves seriously!

  2. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop


    I don’t understand what you are saying, sorry. Who will take themselves more seriously, the cops or Sinfusion?

  3. Heather Avatar

    Wow. I hadn’t heard about this until just now, seeing this post. This really blows. I’m glad I got to take part in those parties while they lasted!


  4. Anonymous Avatar

    No charges filed — therefore the bottles should be returned IMMEDIATELY since they are legal to possess, OR GRAND THEFT CHARGES AGAINST THE POLICE SHOULD BE FILED.
    1. The party got “raided” because of SNITCHES.
    2. The cops shouldn’t have been let in. Hearsay is not probable cause.
    3. Have a person at the door who knows the rules.

  5. Doc Pop Avatar
    Doc Pop

    Those are intersting thoughts, but I don’t think you are correct on all assumptions.
    I’m glad to hear that it all ended well.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    It hasn’t ended well until either all the bottles are returned OR grand theft charges are successfully won!
    If someone doesn’t pursue either of these they’re an idiot.
    Don’t let them give you a time table.
    If you don’t pursue the issue then they won’t do anything because they don’t have to.

  7. luzid Avatar

    Doc, that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that.

    I’ve always wanted to try the stuff. Hopefully I’ll get around to it someday.

    (I was directed here from your post in the drinks thread at RT, btw.)

  8. […] December I was at an absinthe party at the Climate Theater that got raided. Shan brought her aunt and uncle, and the whole thing happened right as we were ordering our […]

  9. jennifer Avatar

    fyi, we're unofficial, but the real deal.

  10. DocPop Avatar

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for commenting, but I think you left out the link.

    I believe this is what you meant to link to: http://www.mondfransabsinthe.com

    I hope to try your spirits some times.

  11. DocPop Avatar

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for commenting, but I think you left out the link.

    I believe this is what you meant to link to: http://www.mondfransabsinthe.com

    I hope to try your spirits some times.

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